016 High-School2
2020 VOM police
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046 The-Old-Mill
053 View-of-Union-Street
054 Wallkill-Ave---church
026 Montgomery-High-School
029 Municipal-Building-firemen-museum
028 Municipal-and-Fire-Department-Building
village museum001b
007 Clinton-Street3
village museum009
011 Community-House-showing-school-in-distance
014 Fire-Headquarters
030 Old-Firemens-Hall
019 Methodist-Church-2
015 High-School
village museum026
033 Presbyterian-Church---Montgomery-Acedemy-3
village museum027
035 Presbyterian-Church-Park-and-Band-Stand
village museum028
037 RC-Church-2
002 Business-Section
003 Clinton-and-Union
004 Clinton-Street-Looking-West
005 Clinton-Street
024 Montgomery-Bridge-across-the-Wallkill-River
20 Fire-at-Montgomery-Academy
006 Clinton-Street2
99 Wallkill-River-Dam-at-Montgomery,-NY
Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, the Village of Montgomery is a great place to live, raise a family, shop, and do business.

Share Your Story

Today we are living in one of the most defining moments of our lifetime.  The national headlines, cable networks, and social media channels will effectively chronicle the stories and headlines of the day.  However 10, 20 or even 50 years from now, the questions from future generations will become more personal. They will wonder and ask: What was it like for you? How did the community respond? What impact did it have on the village, businesses, schools, churches, family, friends and daily life?

How are you documenting your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic? I know that many village residents are keeping diaries, journals, taking photos etc. Documenting your personal story or even making a few notes each week during this period, can be a wonderful “Stay at Home” activity. Later these documents can be donated, archived, and shared to tell our village story. 

Right now, you can also contribute to our history by completing a survey, developed by the Association of Public Historians of New York State. The survey will be used to collect stories from throughout New York State. The form is set up so submissions directly feed into a special Google email folder that was set up for this project. Once the crisis and the collecting period have ended, the APHNYS will share the responses with each local historian.

If you would like to participate in the survey, please click on the link below.

You can respond once or multiple times as you have new information to share.

I optimistically look forward to the day when we open our museum doors and begin the healing process of collecting your heartfelt personal stories of sacrifice, commitment, and devotion to community that inspired all of us all through this challenging time.

Keep Everyone Healthy. Please Stay at Home.
Brian Fitzpatrick, Village Historian
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.