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Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, the Village of Montgomery is a great place to live, raise a family, shop, and do business.

Boil Water Notice Lifted

Village residents please be advised the Boil Water Notice has been lifted. The water can be used for drinking and cooking. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  

By Order of the Village of Montgomery DPW Superintendent.

Village of Montgomery Water Emergency Information

20 Painless Ways to Save Water

  1. Fix those faucet, toilet and showerhead leaks.
    *Add 12 drops of food coloring into the tank- if color appears in the bowl,
    the unit is leaking.*
  2. Use the dishwasher and washing machine only with full loads.
    Hand washing dishes in a basin saves 15 gallons of water. A dishwasher uses
    8 & 12 gallons of water per load. Top-loading clothes washer uses between
    40 & 55 gallons of water per load.
  3. Don't run water continuously for vegetable peeling - use a bowl of water.
  4. Don't let the water run while brushing your teeth or shaving
    Filling the sink to shaves uses only 1 gallon of water, letting the water
    run uses 10 gallons per shave.
    Turning off the water when you brush your teeth saves 4 gallons of water each
  5. Use a broom to clean your driveway, walks, and patio.
  6. Use a sponge and bucket of water to wash the car.
  7. Take shorter showers rather than baths.
  8. Don't use the toilet as a trash can.
  9. Water the lawn in early morning or evening to avoid evaporation.
  10. Water no more than 1 inch per week applied slowly to prevent runoff.
  11. Place several cans around your yard when you water to see how
    long it takes 1 inch of water to accumulate.
  12. Keep grass at least two inches high to shade roots.
    Lawns don't need to be watered every day.
  13. Aerate regularly, and use mulch to reduce evaporation.
  14. Plant native or drought-resistant grass and plants.
    Better Yet, Exeriscape.
  15. Water trees slowly, deeply, infrequently to encourage deep rooting.
  16. Don't run tap to get cold water. Keep a water bottle in the refrigerator.
  17. Install aerators on bathroom and kitchen faucets.
  18. Install low-flow toilet. (1.6 gal per flush) and showerhead.
    Old Vintage toilets use between 8 & 12 gallons of water.
  19. Insulate water heater and pipes.
  20. Use a swimming pool cover to prevent evaporation, keep debris out and it
    keeps the heat in.


  • Annual Election of the Montgomery Fire District +

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    You can download the meeting agendas for the Village of Montgomery. Board of Trustees Meeting Read More
  • Planning Board Meeting RESCHEDULED +

    Please be advised that the Planning Board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 25, 2019 at Read More
  • Village municipal code is now available online +

    The Village of Montgomery municipal code is now available online 24 hours a day, 7 Read More
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Village of Montgomery ranked in SafeWise Report of 100 Safest Small Villages & Towns in America