Mayor’s Message

December, 2012

The Village of Montgomery is in mourning at the passing of our popular Village Justice David G. Roepe. His sudden death on Veterans’ Day has sent our community reeling.
Judge Roepe proudly served the Village of Montgomery on the bench for more than forty years, a record accomplishment in our two-hundred-two year history. This is a rare feat for any judge in the history of New York State.

David was one of the best real estate lawyers in our area, and any client could rest assured they were in good hands when they were represented by him. His meticulous research and extensive knowledge were a thing to marvel.

Having been a lawyer for over fifty years, his career has many remarkable stories and highlights.

David was a devout family man, an excellent public servant, a superb craftsman and painter, and simply a sincere friend to so many. His kindness, benevolence, easy-going conversations and occasional sarcastic humor will be fondly remembered in our humble community.

Judge Roepe’s positive effect and accomplishments will not be forgotten. He will remain in our memories and in our hearts.

Andrew T. Roepe has been appointed Judge, and I am certain he will carry on the tradition of “judicial temperament” that his father so aptly and capably epitomized.

Walter Lindner has been appointed to replace Andrew on the Village Board.

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